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 The seminar ANKLES, FEET AND ARCHES shows us the anatomy and functions of the feet. How to prevent injuries and how to understand the mechanics of this segment in the asana practice.

 The feet are extremely complex structures, each foot contains twenty six bones, thirty three articulations and more than one hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments.


 All these parts work harmoniously to transport the body from one place to the other and deal with a lot of weight and levels of tension through out the day. Allows us to stand and do activities like walking, running or jumping.



. Osteology, myology, articulations and main ligaments of the feet

. Axis and planes, mobility of the feet and ankles

. Ranges of movement

. Weight bearing and gravity

. Types of feet

. Plantar arches

. Cycles of gait and running

. Most common pathologies of the foot

. Applying the functional anatomy in the asana (yoga poses) practice

. Asana adaptations and variations concerning the type of feet or condition

. Strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises for the feet

. Feet relation with knees and hips

. Recognising the feet condition trough body reading and It's implication on different asana

. Homework and quiz about the feet anatomy.


This is a two day's workshop, Saturday and Sunday.

Usually from 9h to 12h and from 14h30 to 17h.



Check info about courses and workshops.

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