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"I found my passion of Anatomy in Yoga through the observation of the human body behaviour.

I believe that, as humans we are unique and each one of us share's a different experience in life. 

All of those experiences are imprinted in the body, so as such, the body can be read just like reading a book.

Past, present and even future is imprinted in the tissues and that can be seen as postural behaviour, traumas, injuries, genetics, etc. The body simply assumes an atitude as a register of all we have gathered and experienced.

My work and research pursuits the knowledge and integrity of the human body as a first step to understand deeper aspects of the being".




I got introduced to Yoga in the year 2000 under the influence of my mother who was already a practitioner.

In 2005 I had my first Yoga teacher training in Portugal and since then I kept this study and practice as part of my life.


Since I started this journey, I always attended yoga classes and tried various methods.

Amongst other methods, I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa for a some years and later discovered the Iyengar method where I immediately felt identified (maybe due to my therapeutic and medical background) and In 2017 I got certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher. I kept this study and practice along with the research in Anatomy, biomechanics and biotensegrity for many years until today.

Since 2009 I have been traveling to Asia, mainly India, where I seek inspiration for this life journey.

On one of my trips to India, I completed the Yoga Teacher's Training Course at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul school in Kaivalya Nagari – India.

. Studied and practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa at Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore - India.

. Completed the Iyengar Yoga Teacher's Training with Billy Konrad.

. Studied and practiced with the Iyengar family in Pune

. Attended the Yoga Therapeutic courses with Stephanie Quirk.

On this path, I practised with teachers such as Eddie Stern and Jocelyn Stern (Ashtanga Yoga New York), Saraswathi Jois (KPJAYI, India), Louis Ellis (Ashtanga Rishikesh, India), Noah Mckenna (Anatomy and Kinesiology - Mysore, India), David Keil (Yoga Anatomy), Godfrey Devereux (Dynamic Yoga), Rajiv Chanchani (Iyengar, India), Usha Devi (Iyengar, India), Billy Konrad (Iyengar USA), Christian Pisano (Iyengar, Nice), Stéphane Lálo (Iyengar, Marseille) , Ramanand Patel (Iyengar, India), Stephanie Quirk (New Zealand), Patxi Lizardi (Iyengar Madrid).

. Post Graduation in Oriental Philosophies at the Lisbon University.

. Practitioner of Vipassana Meditation and attended the Vipassana Course as taught by S.N. Goenka.

. Certified by the UK Yoga Alliance Professionals as a Senior Yoga Teacher.



I started my training in Ayurveda in 2007 and I've been training with several teachers and doctors in India and some other countries in Europe.


. Certified Ayurvedic Therapist by the Asho School of Ayurveda and PanchaKarma - Dharamsala and by the Hemadri Ayurveda Center in Rishikesh - India.

. Certified structural, visceral and cranial Osteopath by the Kiros Integral Health Institute of Seville and the Red Cross University of Portugal.

. Certified on Biological therapies by the Kiros Integral Health Institute of Seville.

. Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher Training Program (CAPT) 390 hours by ITM - International Training Massage School, Chiang Mai - Thailand

. Neuro Somatic Reprogramming Certified practitioner.

. More than 20 hours of Fascial Dissection livestream by Anatomy Trains.

. Anatomy Trains Structural Integration: Structural Essentials

. Human Anatomy Cadaver Observation Course at the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University.


. Founder of the Embodied Yoga Anatomy and the Yoga Functional Anatomy specialized Course.

Currently I'm teaching classes, courses and workshops mainly in Portugal, but also in Spain, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Thailand.


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